The Oyama Community Club is a non-partisan, non-profit, volunteer organization whose purpose is to serve the community of Oyama by furthering and advancing whatever it may see fit for the benefit of the community.  We are so grateful for the support of the Oyama community, thank you!

Join the Oyama Community Club by becoming an annual member for only $30 per family or $20 for an individual membership

Fill out our easy-to-use application below. Once complete, please submit and send your e-transfer payment to Once processed, we will forward payment confirmation to you.

Applicable for Family Application Only

Being an Oyama Community Club member is a great way to show and extend your support to ensure all the great things this volunteer organization provides and achieves can continue. 


Membership Benefits

  • Feel awesome about being part of the Oyama Community Club 

  • Stay in the loop through being part of membership communication and updates

  • Have your say and attend the Annual General Meeting each year (only members can attend the AGM)

Being a member is more important than ever. With rising costs of expenses and the limited ability to organize fundraising initiatives due to COVID-19,  the Oyama Community Club board welcomes any financial support or contribution you can make to help deliver our goals and objectives for 2021 and beyond.